List of changes (27 April 2021)

Main Menu (additions):

  • Homepage: Has been set as the main page of the website. Visitors will see the homepage first when they arrive. Added some information about how to get through Skin Empire.
  • All Posts: All posts on Skin Empire show up in here
  • Champions: Added new Information and a navigation on the main champions page
    Champion List: Created a card for every champion. All champions are linked to all the current and future custom skins. There is a navigation at the top from A-Z to find your champion faster.
  • Site Updates: All updates to the website will be listed over here. Update 0.3 has been added.


  • 11 Champion Skins have been added to the site
  • Discord server has been improved and now can publish new skin releases on other servers as well. New Emoji’s are created and added to the server as well.
  • Guided creators on how to create custom skins so they can start posting skins on Skin Empire soon.

Upcoming Changes in Update 0.4

  • Update the homepage, champions page, about page and info page with higher quality images to make them look nicer and some more cleaning up of text.
  • Community, Contact & FAQ page under the Home menu
  • Video Tutorial on how to install custom skins.
  • More Champion Skin releases
  • V2 Bin Updated version releases

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