Skin Empire has a community where Creators and Fans come together and interact with eachother on Discord. To make this a fun experience for everyone we have a couple of perks for being part of the community!

Installation SupportYESYES
RP GiveawaysYESYES
Creation SupportNOYES
Exclusive ChannelsNOYES


Join us on discord to be part of the community. We take the opinions and feedback from the fans and apply it to the website. If you are interested in creating skins, we are ready to help you as well. You also get to directly interact with our creators on the website!


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Posting Guide

Learn about how to post on Skin Empire by clicking here


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Creator Rewards are currently disabled and will return in the future!

Creators receive Rewards/Payments. These rewards change every month.
– Rank 1 & Rank 2 Creator is decided through amount of points they have collected on the Ranking (Quality of post x Amount of posts). Only posts that are exclusively on Skin Empire count towards these points.
– Creator of the month is decided through the amount of points they have collected in that specific month.

Rank 1 Creator€10,-
Rank 2 Creator€5,-
Creator of the Month€5,-

Requirements for payments:
– Paypal Account
– 18 Years old
– Skin Empire Discord

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