League of Legends Custom Skins are mods that change the appearance of the characters, maps or even the interface of the game. This is only visible to you and everything happens locally on your pc. They are used by installing them with custom skin installer apps (Fantome and LCS Manager). They redirect the path to the files that are used to select the appearance of the champion. This is why most of the skins appear on the “base” version of the champion.

To learn more about the safety of using custom skins and what Riot Games states about the use of these mods, we have written a section about what their stance is. Click here to read the safety page.

If you are new to custom skins or haven’t used them in a long time, we wrote a guide on how to install them. Click here to read the installation guide.

If you are experiencing issues with installing or using custom skins, we have a troubleshooting page with the most common issues that we are aware of. Click here to check out the troubleshooting page.

If you have any other questions or concerns, be sure to join us on Discord so we can answer your questions or help you out.

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