Posting Guide

If you wish to publish your skin to Skin Empire, join the server on Discord and head over to the Publish Skin Channel.

Select the Member role from #roles to be able to create a post
Make a post that includes:

  • A Download Link (Google Drive recommended)
  • Featured Image (Has to be 1200×675 in .jpg or .png Format)
  • Your Creator Name & Public E-Mail (Only if you’re a new creator)
  • Links for Social Media & Ko-Fi (optional)

Mention any of the admins so they can verify the skin and publish it to the website which is usually done within a few minutes.

A few notes regarding Contributors, Creators and Categories:

All Skin Creators start off as a Contributor on Skin Empire as soon as they publish their first skin.

After Publishing multiple High Quality Mods/Skins to Skin Empire, You will be promoted to Creator.

All champion skins are divided into 4 seperate categories based on the quality of the skin.

– Low Effort = 0-40 Points
– Simple = 40-60 Points
– Regular = 60-80 Points
– Top = 80+ Points

All skins receive points based on the following:
New model = 20-40 Points
New Textures = 10-30 Points
Splash Art = 10-30 Points
Particles = 10-20 Points
Presentation Post = 10-30 Points

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