Publishing to Skin Empire can be done in a few simple steps:

  1. Go to the new post page at
    (Login/Register if you haven’t yet)
  2. In the post include a Title, Featured Image/Screenshot, Download Link and a description.
  3. Click on “Submit for Review” at the top right corner and all done!

Join Skin Empire on Discord and contact an Admin to speed up the process of publishing your Skin.

A few notes regarding Contributors, Creators, Tags and Categories:

– All Skin creators start off as a Contributor on Skin Empire as soon as they publish their first skin.
– Contributor Role & Access to Exclusive channel & Permissions on Discord.

– After Publishing multiple High Quality Mods/Skins to Skin Empire, You will be promoted to Creator.
– Creator Role & Access to Exclusive channel & Creator Badge & Added to Creator List on the website.
– The best creators on Skin Empire get promoted to Author (permission to edit and post their skins whenever), Get a Creator Page and receive the Super Creator Role + Access to the Empire Channel on Discord.

– Add the tag for katarina skins as “champion katarina” and the tag for fiora as “champion fiora” and so on for all the champions.
– Champions who have a space in their name is written without a spacebar, such as Miss Fortune becoming “champion missfortune”.
– Champions such as Dr. Mundo will be used as “champion mundo” to simplify it.

all champion skins are divided into 4 seperate categories based on the quality of the skin. All skins receive points based on the following:
New model = 20-40 Points
New Textures = 10-30 Points
Splash Art = 10-30 Points
Particles = 10-20 Points
Presentation Post = 10-30 Points

– Low Effort = 0-40 Points
– Simple = 40-60 Points
– Regular = 60-80 Points
– Top = 80+ Points

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