Skin Empire was created under Riot Games’ “Legal Jibber Jabber” policy using assets owned by Riot Games. Riot Games does not endorse or sponsor this project.

Skin Empire is a project created by Sislex, PentaKing and Chantinx. We are 3 people who have been creating custom skins for League of Legends since the first few seasons of League of Legends. We met eachother at Mapskins back in 2015/2016 and became close friends who supported eachother along the way of creating custom skins. In 2017, the former custom skin installer known as Wooxy stopped working after changes were made to the Riot Games files. This caused Mapskins to stop existing and the website got removed. After a short hiatus, custom skins made their return with a couple of new custom skin installers.

In 2020, PentaKing was working on a new project known as Oberon Kingdom which is a website created for Gamers and Content Creators. He decided to introduce custom skins to Oberon Kingdom and named the section Oberon Skins. Sislex and Chantinx along with a few more skin creators had joined Oberon Skins and started re-publishing as well as creating new skins in 2020. After fixing and re-uploading Beemo, the streamer ipav999 saw the skin and started praising and playing the skin. This caused a massive flow of fans entering Oberon Skins and the custom skin section started taking over the website.

In 2021, PentaKing approached Sislex and started talking about how custom skins was taking over the entire website of Oberon Kingdom. This is when we decided that there needed to be a website completely dedicated to League of Legends custom skins that will continue to exist for the many years to come. This concept had a few ideas with names such as Runeterra Skins, Skin Terra, Skin Rift and Skin Cloud. However the one name that stood out to us was the name that all 3 of us could relate to.
Sislex, going by the title of Empress.
PentaKing, going by the title of King.
Chantinx, going by the title of Princess.

On April 12th 2021, we launched lolskinempire.com. A website completely dedicated to League of Legends Custom Skins. All skins from Oberon Skins started moving over to Skin Empire and a couple of months later, Skin Empire took shape and was filled with Champion Skins, Map Skins and many Mods. In 2022, a couple of gaming news outlets started featuring skins based on Genshin Impact from Skin Empire. This brought thousands of people to the website with a peak of 12.000 people visiting Skin Empire in the month of December in 2022.

2023 has just started as of writing this page and we are very excited to continue working on this project for the many years to come and introduce more skins to the world!

Skin Empire© 2021-2023

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