Skin Empire 2021 Stats


2021 has come to an end and we have achieved many milestones. In this post you can see all of these milestones!

Website Users

The website started in April 2021. Since it’s launch the website has been receiving a lot of daily users.
Total Users: 40K Users
Most Popular Month: September 9K Users
Most Popular Country: USA & Brazil 6K Users each.

Page Views

Total Pageviews: 300K
Most Popular Page: Champion List 38K Views
Top 10 Most Visited Posts:

  1. by PentaKing 2506 Views
  2. by PentaKing 2491 Views
  3. by MuvLuv 2425 Views
  4. by Sislex 2156 Views
  5. by Existor 1981 Views
  6. by PentaKing 1920 Views
  7. by Devils Charm 1688 Views
  8. by Sislex 1675 Views
  9. by MuvLuv 1648 Views
  10. by Sislex 1399 Views

Top Creators

We have a point system where creators get ranking points based on their posts. Here is the list of the top creators on Skin Empire in 2021:

  1. Sislex 120 Points
  2. MuvLuv 90 Points
  3. PentaKing 46 Points

You can see the monthly top creators at:

These are the main statistics of the website in 2021. We will be sharing the stats every month starting in 2022. Stay Tuned!

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