List of changes (9 April 2021)

Main Menu (additions):

  • Home: Homepage where all the visitors will arrive when they go to Page is still empty.
  • Champions: Main information and navigation page for all Champion Custom Skins. Page is still empty.
    Champion List: A list of Champions will show up. Clicking the Champion will show all their custom skins on the website. Page is still empty.
  • Mods: Main information and navigation page for all Mods. Page is still empty.
    Latest Mods: All mods that aren’t Champion Skins or Maps will show up here. Page is still empty.
  • Info: General information page about what custom skins are and how to install/create custom skins. Page is still empty.
  • Site Updates: All updates to the website will be listed over here. Update 0.1 has been added.


  • Temporary Logo has been added
  • Space Groove Header added
  • Social Media for Skin Empire created
  • Search and recent posts Widget Added
  • Theme selected for the website

Upcoming Changes in Update 0.2

  • Information will be added to all the pages
  • At least 3 Champion Skins and 1 HUD will be added to their respective categories
  • Cleaning up the website
  • More Menu Items
  • New Font
  • Widgets

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