List of changes (15 April 2021)


Home (Skin Empire Section):

  • Homepage updated to show 6 most recent top skins
  • FAQ Page added with most frequent questions we receive
  • Contact Page added with social media and email addresse

All Posts: Now displays all the recent posts on the website

Champions (Champion Skins Section):

  • Latest skins shows all the champion skins on the site as well ass the option to look through skins based on quality
  • Champion list allows you to see all the skins for all the champions that exist in league of legends

Mods (Mods section): Unchanged

Info (General Custom Skins Information):

  • Information has been added that is directly related to downloading, installing and creating custom skins
  • Safety Page about not getting banned for using custom skins has been updated
  • Installation guide updated with Fantome
  • Creation Guide page shows tools as well as guides on how to use the tools.
  • Troubleshooting shows most common issues as well as how to solve them.

Community (Skin Empire Members and Creators Section):

  • Community describes the perks of joining Skin Empire and it’s perks.
  • Creators displays all the creators on Skin Empire along with their posts
  • Events will feature all future events on Skin Empire
  • Posting Guide describes how to make a post on the website
  • Register lets you register to the website as a contributor

News (News and Website Updates section):

  • News shows all posts that are related to updates in the custom skins world
  • Updates shows all the updates and changes to the website.


Upcoming Changes in Update 0.5

  • Support Skin Empire Page
  • Themes under champion skins section
  • Maps section with the first Map on Skin Empire
  • Creator Ranking Page

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