List of changes (8 July 2021 – 1 September 2021)


*NEW* Homepage: New Categories have been added:
– Latest Posts
– Featured
– Champion Skins | Most Popular
– Maps
– Mods
– News & Ranking
All Headings are linked to a page as well now. Featured & Most Popular Categories have been created.


*NEW* More Skins Pages! All champions have a page now where Community Skins will be uploaded over time.


*NEW* New NPC Category added to the Menu


*NEW* Community Page adjusted a little. Rewards are described more permanently.


  • New Champion Skins Including Coven Katarina
  • 5 New Maps have been added
  • New NPC Mod has been added.
  • Coven Header & Icon
  • Dark Mode is enabled through an extension on Google Chrome and Firefox.
  • New Plugin that displays views at the end of the post along with a rating system.

Upcoming Changes in Update 0.7

  • Recovering and Uploading the first batch of skins to the website and updating the layout for the more skins posts for every champion.
  • New Menu Items (Teaser/Trailers Sub Item, Map Skin Sub Items, New Mod Sub Items)
  • Graphical Updates to the pages and website.

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