Skin Empire is a website created by Custom Skin Creators as well as custom skin fans. The goal of this project is to share as many custom skins as possible with everyone without trying to make an income. All the revenue through ads of the website goes directly to hosting the website as well as events for the Skin Empire Community. If you wish to support Skin Empire, you can do so in the following few ways:

Social Media

The easiest and best way to support Skin Empire is by joining, following and sharing us on Social Media. This way we are able to reach as many people as possible that could potentially become new skin creators. This would then lead to having more custom skins on the website, thus having more happy custom skin fans in the world. Our linktree with all our social media platforms is

Follow Skin Empire on the following platforms to be notified when we upload a new skin.


Skin Empire is a website that shares custom skins for League of Legends with everyone. The creators do this as a hobby in their free time and do not receive any payments for creating these skins as it would violate the rules provided by Riot Games. We at Skin Empire host events and monthly goals to somehow reward these creators for their effort and time into creating these skins for everyone. If you wish to reward the creators on Skin Empire through donations as well, you can do so by donating at Everything will go to the creators through events, monthly rewards and giveaways. You can add a note as well on how you want the amount to be invested as well as a shoutout.

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