On this page you can see more skins for this champion. These skins are either low quality, recovered by the community or simply not uploaded to Skin Empire yet. We do not take credit or responsibility for these skins, but we do verify the files before placing them in the download folder. Take a look by clicking on the download button below to see if you can find a skin you like.

Champion: Nunu
Last Update: 27 July 2021

1.0.0Created by:
Recovered by:
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One Comment

  1. How do I even see nunu skins? I didn’t even choose a nunu skin yet why is there a download button? Also, the google drive file is empty for some reason
    – The “download” link is completely useless
    – If there aren’t any skins maybe it should tell me, and if the ARE skins on a champion it should show them. The search feature and filtering by champions is absolutely terrible and doesn’t work at all.
    what is the point of “lol skin empire” if there are no fucking skins

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