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Broken Skin Posting Guide


In this post we will be explaining how to make a post for the broken skins section step by step.

  1. Go to and replace the name of the champion in the url (so for akali it would be for example
  2. Take a screenshot of the skin that is displayed in the video. The format has to be 1200×675 in .jpg and the name has to be the name of the skin with the word featured at the end (For example NightbringerAkaliFeatured.jpg). Create a folder on your pc to place all the screenshots in for that champion.
  3. Go to and create a copy of the Broken Skin Post Template by clicking on “clone”
  4. Inside the post, fill in all the data as mentioned
    – Summary section write down the name of the skin, creator and the year it was created
    – General info section fill them in. Patch & Size leave with a “-” and date fill in the date of the skin show case video publish date. You can add your name to this section as the post creator if you wish.
    – More skins section click on the more champion skins image and edit the hyperlink. Write down the name of the champion right after “champion-” (for example
  5. In the tags section on the right side of wordpress, add the following tags in the case of nightbringer akali by skinmaster for example:
    – champion akali
    – akali
    – nightbringer
    – skinmaster
  6. Click on submit for review at the top right of the post

Create a zip file for all the screenshots you took for the champion and send them to PentaKing on Discord.

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