In this post we will be explaining how to make a post for the broken skins section step by step.

  1. Go to https://skinshowcase.wordpress.com/tag/aatrox-skin/ and replace the name of the champion in the url (so for akali it would be https://skinshowcase.wordpress.com/tag/akali-skin/ for example
  2. Take a screenshot of the skin that is displayed in the video. The format has to be 1200×675 in .jpg and the name has to be the name of the skin with the word featured at the end (For example NightbringerAkaliFeatured.jpg). Create a folder on your pc to place all the screenshots in for that champion.
  3. Go to https://lolskinempire.com/wp-admin/edit.php and create a copy of the Broken Skin Post Template by clicking on “clone”
  4. Inside the post, fill in all the data as mentioned
    – Summary section write down the name of the skin, creator and the year it was created
    – General info section fill them in. Patch & Size leave with a “-” and date fill in the date of the skin show case video publish date. You can add your name to this section as the post creator if you wish.
    – More skins section click on the more champion skins image and edit the hyperlink. Write down the name of the champion right after “champion-” (for example https://lolskinempire.com/tag/champion-akali/)
  5. In the tags section on the right side of wordpress, add the following tags in the case of nightbringer akali by skinmaster for example:
    – champion akali
    – akali
    – nightbringer
    – skinmaster
  6. Click on submit for review at the top right of the post

Create a zip file for all the screenshots you took for the champion and send them to PentaKing on Discord.

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