Skin Empire 2 Year Anniversary


It’s already been 2 years since the launch of Skin Empire. It’s been a long road and we can say that there are many more years to come! To celebrate, we have the following updates for version V1.0 which has been released as of today.

Over the past 2 years we have been focussing on the content of skin empire. We were running a theme that fulfilled our needs but there were a bunch of things about it that we didn’t like, mainly being the light mode. After searching long and hard, we finally found the perfect theme that fits skin empire which has been activated. Hope you guys like it as much as we do!

We are also introducing a couple of new features with this V1.0 release with the key things being:

  • The menu has been reorganized to give a better overview of each category
  • We have renamed the categories for the champion skins to Legacy, Simple, Common, Epic and the newly introduced Elite skins.
  • Creators will have an easier time to publish their skins to the website which will only take a couple of minutes through discord. We are introducing creator levels which will reward them based on their activity within skin empire.
  • Skin Empire will going forward be part of the League of Legends Custom Skin project by Penta Kingdom alongside, and

Website V1.0

We have reorganized the layout of the homepage, posts page, posts and the menu. You can read the full details of the changes in the V1.0 Version Notes. (Coming soon)

Elite Skins

Over the past couple of years, dating all the way back to 2016, we have been working on skins which were created in collaboration with multiple talented skin creators. This method of skin creation resulted into the creation of multiple high quality custom skins which can match the level of Official Riot Games Skins. These skins contain:

  • Skin Concept
  • Custom Model & Textures
  • Custom Ability VFX
  • High Quality Splash Art
  • High Value promotion
  • Created by multiple creators

Keeping these values in mind, Skin Empire wishes to continue the creation of these specific skins to bring true quality skins to this world. These skins shall be referred to as Elite Skins.

Creator Levels

The benefits of being a creator at Skin Empire has always been a blur. We sat down and started rethinking the concept of having creators on Skin Empire who will be rewarded for their activity. We have come up with the following:

  1. Level 1 Creator. After publishing their first skin on skin empire, they will be rewarded with the contributor role on the website and creator role on discord
  2. Level 2 Creator. After publishing 3 skins on skin empire, they will be rewarded with a skin orb and a creator page on the website. This will be:
  3. Level 3 Creator. After publishing at least 1 skin a month for 6 months (or 6 skins within 2 months), creators are eligible to be promoted to Author on Skin Empire and be promoted to Super Creator on Discord. There are limited spots every year to ensure the proper spotlight on these creators. Benefits of super creators are:
    • Featured on the front page of the website regularly after being promoted
    • Publish, schedule and edit whenever you want to
    • Yearly payouts of ad revenue or when a certain threshold is met
  4. Level 4 Creator. Certain creators with high quality creations, dedication and loyality will be offered a deal from Skin Empire to become an Skin Empire Elite Creator. These are recognised as the best of the best in the world when it comes to custom skin creation. Benefits are:
    • Personal Creator Website which renews yearly which will create passive income for the creators. You will have complete freedom into creating this website.
    • Added to the Elite Creator section on Skin Empire
    • Highly featured all across the website to promote your work

These changes will go live on 13 April 2023!

League of Legends Custom Skins by Penta Kingdom

Skin Empire is a website that has been created by PentaKing together with Sislex and Chantinx in 2021. Which started out as an experiment turned out to be a huge success after seeing a lot of interest from the world towards custom skins. Penta Kingdom is a Web Hosting & Development company in the Netherlands of PentaKing. Due to the success, we are able to expand the amount of projects related to custom skins. By becoming part of the Penta Kingdom Projects, we can ensure the proper sponsorship for the continued existence of Skin Empire as well as funding for fun events in the future. As of the 2 year anniversary of skin empire, there are a couple of new and returning projects that we are announcing!

  • will continue as the main website for publishing custom skins
  • will serve as a website for information regarding the custom skin installation software, CSLOL Manager
  • will be a returning project which will be dedicated custom skin spotlights
  • will be a library of all custom skins across all platforms, including skin empire as well as other websites.

As time went on, the amount of custom skin platforms has increased a lot which has seen the formation of Skin Empire, Killerskins and Runeforge and more. As this may bring a lot of confusion to where the skins can be found, we have thought of creating 1 general place where all custom skins will be linked towards the platforms where they can be downloaded. We will start off by listing custom skins for champions, maps and mods. Depending on the success, we will expand towards more things related to custom skins. We are hoping to give custom skin users some more clarity this way. This will be another experiment that we are launching on 20th of April 2023.


And with all these announcements, we are hoping to give you some more insights towards what skin empire will look like in the coming year. Over the past 2 years we have accumulated over 1.2 MILLION views and we are mindblown by this. We are so grateful for all of you who enjoy using custom skins and we hope to deliver more content to you for the many years to come. Join us on discord to share your thoughts and become part of the community!

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