2022 was a great 2nd year for Skin Empire. Here is a summary and some stats of the entire year.

Skins of the year

Klee Ziggs blew up on the internet and got covered by multiple news outlets such as DOT Esports, ONE Esports, Gamerant and more. This brought a whole spike to the amount of website users at the beginning of the year. You can read the news article over here: https://lolskinempire.com/news/latest/klee-ziggs-featured-news/

Skin: https://lolskinempire.com/champion/klee-ziggs-genshin-impact/

Spirit Blossom Akali is the other skin that blew up during the end of the year and got recognised as one of the greatest skins of all time. A project that was worked on by multiple people (Sislex, PentaKing, Franchlitz, Guisai and Ethereal and art by KAI CHANG, AGuo and Tony Liu). Reddit users and YouTubers recognised this skin and praised it for the Riot Games level of Skin Creation. Professor Akali has also found the skin and calls it “Her best skin ever!”

Skin: https://lolskinempire.com/champion/spirit-blossom-akali/

In 2022 a total of 41 Champion Skins have been uploaded to Skin Empire. Even though Klee Ziggs and Spirit Blossom Akali were the 2 skins that blew up the most when it comes to views and an audience, there is 1 more Skin that was by far the most impressive throughout the whole year. That Skin is Spirit Blossom Katarina. Sislex has created 1 skin this year and it’s considered the very best skin of the year on Skin Empire. With a new model/textures and incredible vfx for the abilities, Spirit Blossom Katarina has received an insane amount of praise and positive feedback on Reddit, Youtube and Discord. We can safely say that Sislex is one of the most talented skin creators in the world and this custom skin will go down in history as one of the all time greats.

Skin: https://lolskinempire.com/champion/spirit-blossom-katarina/

2022 Statistics

Here is an overview of the Skin Empire stats in 2022:


Total Users:91K
Traffic:67.3K Organic Search | 10.4K Direct | 9.7K Social | 8.3K Referral
Top 3 Locations:USA (12K) | Brazil (11.3K) | Poland (6.3K)
Age:18-24 (27.5%) | 25-34 (33.5%)
Gender:55% Male | 45% Female


Total Views: 636K

Most Popular Champion Skins:

1. Klee Ziggs7.1K Viewshttps://lolskinempire.com/champion/klee-ziggs-genshin-impact/
2. Eula Riven5.1K Viewshttps://lolskinempire.com/champion/eula-riven-genshin-impact/
3. Battle Queen Katarina Prestige Edition4.0K Viewshttps://lolskinempire.com/champion/battle-queen-katarina-prestige-edition/
4. Ganyu Kindred4.0K Viewshttps://lolskinempire.com/champion/ganyu-kindred/
5. Spongebob Teemo3.8K Viewshttps://lolskinempire.com/champion/spongebob-teemo/
6. Demon Sasuke Yasuo3.2K Viewshttps://lolskinempire.com/champion/demon-sasuke-yasuo/
7. Noire Black Heart Aatrox3.1K Viewshttps://lolskinempire.com/champion/noire-black-heart-aatrox/
8. Diluc Riven3.0K Viewshttps://lolskinempire.com/champion/diluc-riven/
9. Spirit Blossom Akali3.0K Viewshttps://lolskinempire.com/champion/spirit-blossom-akali/
10. Jean Fiora3.0K Viewshttps://lolskinempire.com/champion/jean-fiora/

We mean it when we say that we appreciate everyone who is using the website. It’s incredible to see the amount of appreciation and support Skin Empire is receiving. Our goal was to maybe have about 1000-2000 people who see and use our skins in game, but to think that 91,000 of you know about us in 2022 and multiple Skin Creators joining us in this project to create something great. We feel very blessed in this position and we will strive to keep growing and improving in the many years that Skin Empire has coming. 2022 was a great 2nd year for the community and we will try our hardest to make 2023 just as great or maybe even greater!

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