Nepgear is a character from Hyperdimension Neptunia as part of the Sisters Generation. This skin is created for Caitlyn. The model, abilities effects and voiceover are changed.

This skin has 2 features which are the custom skin itself (which is the .FANTOME file) and the custom voiceover files downloadable from the Custom Voiceover Packs shared folder. Unfortunately the custom voiceover is not available yet.

There are still more updates left for this skin such as custom particles and custom voiceover. More updates of other Neptunia skins are WIP. Follow my Ko-Fi page and stay tuned for more updates!!

General Info

Name: Nepgear The Purple Sister
Champion: Caitlyn
Replaces: Base
Creator: MuvLuv

Version History

VersionPatchDateSizeDetails January 20224.77 MBRetouched Version
Ko-Fi Post and Download Link
1.0.0Skin broken after Caitlyn rework 2021


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Hi, I am MuvLuv. I am mostly known for my Hyperdimension Neptunia Skins. If you wish to speak to me, join Skin Empire on Discord. Click on Creator to see all my skins.

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