Noire The Black Heart Aatrox – Hyperdimension Neptunia The Goddesses

*Outdated Version with no custom particles*


Noire is also known as the Black Heart from the game Hyperdimension Neptunia. She has many forms and this is her Goddess Form. The skin is created for Aatrox. The model, abilities effects and voiceover are changed.

This skin has 2 features which are the custom skin itself (which is the .FANTOME file) and the custom voiceover files downloadable from the Custom Voiceover Packs shared folder.

Download The Custom VO Packs Here

To install the custom voiceover packs, on LoL Custom Skin Manager, click on the “Edit this mod” button of the Neptune The Purple Heart entry after you have imported the .FANTOME file. Then select the “ADD WAD” button in the “FILES” tab. Next, browse in the “Neptune The Purple Heart (Custom VO Packs)” shared folder and download the WAD.CLIENT file with the correct language code according to the current game language of your LoL client, and select it in LoL Custom Skin Manager. For example: download and add the “Aatrox .en_US.WAD.CLIENT” to the mod in LoL Custom Skin Manager if your LoL client’s game language is currently using English, or the “Aatrox .ja_JP.WAD.CLIENT” if your LoL client’s game language is currently using Japanese (in which case that you are playing on JP server).

There is still another custom voiceover update left for Noire. More updates of other Neptunia skins are WIP. Follow my Ko-Fi page and stay tuned for more updates!!

General Info

Name: Noire The Black Heart
Champion: Aatrox
Replaces: Base
Creator: MuvLuv

Version History

VersionPatchDateSizeDetails January 202218.58 MBWing Update
Ko-Fi Post and Download Link
(This version does not require
the V2.1&2.2 updates and
already includes them) December 20212.21 MBSecond VFX Update
Ko-Fi Post and Download Link December 20219.42 MB First VFX Update
Ko-Fi Post and Download Link
2.0.0 11.2324 November 20212.83 MBVoiceover Added
Ko-Fi Post and Download Link November 20218.82 MBRetouched Version
Ko-Fi Post and Download Link MBSkin Outdated and Not working in Season 8
and after the Aatrox Champion Rework


Download the latest version of this skin after clicking on Download.
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Hi, I am MuvLuv. I am mostly known for my Hyperdimension Neptunia Skins. If you wish to speak to me, join Skin Empire on Discord. Click on Creator to see all my skins.

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