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2023 has come to an end. The Skin Empire Community has been inactive for most of the year, but the users certainly have not been. With the 2 year Anniversary celebration as well as the creation of came a couple of changes to the system of Skin Empire as well as an entire website update to launch V1.0 which saw a new theme being applied to the website. In the first half of the year the project was improving at a good rate. But as it does to every online project sooner or later, real life events put a hold to the advancements. As you may know, Skin Empire is run by 3 creators known as Sislex, PentaKing and Chantinx. As time went on and they got older, they started to have changes in their life as well as their goals.

In the second half of 2023, Chantinx told the team that she would be leaving the online world behind for personal reasons as she plans to achieve her goals in life. We were thrilled with the news she gave us and wished her the best of luck while we keep her seat warm for if she ever returns.

PentaKing and Sislex also had some exciting things going on in their real lives which caused the advancements of Skin Empire to be put to halt, with however no intention to ever quit Skin Empire. But the beauty of this project is that even if the team isn’t able to make any progress, the user and fanbase kept growing regardless of their absence. Here are the stats for 2023!

PS: Special thanks to Yoru for posting some of her amazing skins and guide to Skin Empire in 2023. Check them out!

2023 Statistics

Here is an overview of the Skin Empire stats in 2023:


As of 31 December 2023, the Skin Empire Discord server has 4650 Members.
In December of 2022, Skin Empire reached 1000 members on Discord.

Users in 2023 vs 2022

Total Users:186K (+104%)
Traffic:151K (+124%) Organic Search
32K (+208%) Direct Link
Top 3 Locations:USA (21K) | Brazil (19K) | Poland (16K)
(Some info missing from January 2023 due to the GA4 update)

Views in 2023 vs 2022

Total Views: 1.56M (+145%)

Most Popular Champion Skins:

1. Spirit Blossom Akali16.7K Views
2. Spirit Blossom Katarina5.3K Views
3. Ganyu Kindred4.5K Views
4. Klee Ziggs4.4K Views
5. Madara Yasuo4.0K Views
6. Battle Queen Katarina Prestige Edition3.8K Views
7. Diluc Riven3.8K Views
8. Eula Riven3.5K Views
9. Ezreal Gohan3.2K Views
10. Royal Ace Yasuo3.1K Views
(Some info missing from January 2023 due to the GA4 update)

The goal of Skin Empire has always been and forever will be a place where the work of creators lives on for eternity. As we look back at the year of 2023, we can see that despite not being able to put out much work this year, the skins that we have published in the previous years are still keeping Skin Empire alive. The amount of users has more than doubled on all of the fronts.

We plan to pick back up where we left off in 2024. As we are aware of all the changes in the world of custom skins, we plan to adapt and advance to the future in the best way possible while ensuring the eternal existence of Skin Empire. We from Skin Empire wish everyone a happy 2024 and we hope that everyone stays tuned for what this year has in store for us!

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