The new year has arrive and so has Season 12 in League of Legends. Patch 12.1 went live on the 5th of January and here is all the news regarding custom skins in this patch.

LCS Manager

LCS Manager is currently the only Installation tool that works correctly in Patch 12.1
In Patch 11.24 there was a mandatory update to the app that fixed some issues which is currently the latest version to install custom skins with. You can download and keep track of new versions for LCS Manager at https://github.com/LoL-Fantome/lolcustomskin-tools/releases


Skin Empire has expanded their categories and now accepts more creators other than skin creators. Here are the new categories that have been added:

  • Skin Concepts: Share art and 3d designs for skin concepts in this category.
  • Wallpapers: Create some HD quality images of custom skins or skin concepts and you can post them in this section.
  • Montages: Create a montage of your highlights where you’re using a custom skin and place them here.
  • Clips: Short videos where a custom skin is the main focus. You can place those youtube or twitch videos here.
  • Gameplay: Upload your full gameplay of a custom skin!


Starting in January, all super creators will get payed their share of the ad revenue directly through their Ko-Fi profile. You can become a super creator by simply creating many high quality skins to the website as a contributor/creator.


Skin Empire now has a Ko-Fi profile as well that will be used as a platform to receive coffee’s from the community. We will not be putting any exclusive content on the page and everything will always be available for free on the website. Donating will be completely voluntary and doesn’t give any benefits except for appreciation from the staf, creators and the community!


We have received an update that the textures on the Summoner’s Rift maps have been displaced as of this new patch. We don’t plan on fixing these displacements ourselves as it happens regularly and we would like to invest our time in different aspects of Skin Empire. We can however help you with fixing it yourself on Discord.

That’s all the news we got for Patch 12.1. Untill next patch!

Social Media

Check out the Skin Empire Linktree: https://linktr.ee/lolskinempire
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